How To Get ESS 41 – Reflexis One 001-qk7yulqsx9esa1il5mxjkg-3342555957

It’s not certain that the key “001-QK7YULQSX9ESA1IL5MXJKG-3342555957” is valid because it was just found on Google and mentioned on Reddit. It’s not from a reliable source. However, I can help you understand how to access the ESS 41 – Reflexis One app by Zebra Technologies Corporation.

This question appeared on Reddit under the title “Can’t get into ESS 41?” A user named Aggressive-Olive-678 shared that you can bypass the QR code scanner in the Reflexis ESS 41 app by choosing “enter code manually” and then entering the code “001-QK7YULQSX9ESA1IL5MXJKG-3342555957.” This user claimed it worked for them after finding the code in a two-year-old post.

Another user, Zealousideal_Yak9518, mentioned they would share the QR code but weren’t sure how to upload it.

According to Fritengersox, the QR codes are specific to each store and usually posted in the break room.

Lastly, cool_plankt0n suggested that the QR code placement might differ from store to store. For example, at their location, it’s located behind the FS counter. They advised asking your store manager or coworkers to find out where it’s posted in your store.

However, I can help you understand how to get and use the ESS 41 – Reflexis One app by Zebra Technologies Corporation and 001-qk7yulqsx9esa1il5mxjkg-3342555957

About ESS 41 – Reflexis One

Here’s what you need to know about the ESS 41 – Reflexis One app and the key you mentioned:


The ESS 41 – Reflexis One app is designed to help team members manage various aspects of their work schedules efficiently. Users can:

  • View their schedule: Check when they are scheduled to work.
  • Request days off and time off: Plan and manage personal and vacation days.
  • Perform Shift Trades: Swap shifts with teammates when conflicts or preferences arise.
  • Bid on open shifts or request additional shifts: Opportunities for extra work can be managed directly through the app.
  • View timecard: Track hours worked over a pay period.
  • Update availability: Input preferred work hours and days for future scheduling.
  • Request for alternate work locations: Apply to work from different locations if possible.
  • Clock work hours using Geofence enabled mobile clock: Start and end work times are recorded based on the location, ensuring accuracy and compliance.

Technical Details

  • Version: 4.1.1220240205
  • Last Updated: February 15, 2024
  • Android Requirements: Requires Android 6.0 or higher to operate.
  • Downloads: Over 500,000 downloads, indicating its popularity and wide usage.
  • Content Rating: Rated for everyone. Appropriate for all age groups.
  • Permissions: Includes specific permissions which can be viewed in detail within the app’s settings or on the download page.
  • Release Date: Initially released on October 30, 2019.
  • Offered By: Zebra Technologies Corporation, a well-known provider of work management and scheduling solutions.

This app is particularly useful for employees who need a flexible and interactive tool to manage their work schedules, offering a variety of features to enhance work-life balance and operational efficiency. If you’re using this app and require a specific access key or further instructions, it’s recommended to consult directly with your employer or the IT department for the most accurate and secure information.

Getting the App

You can usually download the ESS 41 – Reflexis One app from your mobile device’s app store. Just search for “Reflexis One” and it should appear for you to download and install.

Using the Key – 001-qk7yulqsx9esa1il5mxjkg-3342555957

If you need a specific key or code to use the app, it’s best to get it directly from your employer. They can provide you with a valid key that lets you access the app and use its features securely.

Other Key:


Step-by-Step Guide to Verify an App Key 001-qk7yulqsx9esa1il5mxjkg-3342555957

To verify a code or key, like “001-qk7yulqsx9esa1il5mxjkg-3342555957”, for an app such as ESS 41 – Reflexis One, follow these steps:

  • Contact Your Employer: Your first point of contact should be your employer or the HR department. They typically provide the correct and legitimate key that you need to access workplace apps like ESS 41 – Reflexis One.
  • Refer to Official Documentation: Check any official documentation or emails from your employer regarding the use of the app. Often, these communications will include necessary access codes or keys.
  • Use the App’s Help or Support Section: Access the support or help section within the app or its official website. This section may provide guidance on how to enter or verify a code, or whom to contact if you need assistance.
  • Look for a Verification Feature: Some apps include a feature within their interface to enter a key and verify it directly. This feature checks the validity of the key against the app’s database.
  • Direct Support Contact: If you are unsure or the above methods are not helpful, contact the app’s customer support directly. Use official contact information from the app’s website or your app store’s listing.
  • Beware of Third-Party Sources: Avoid using codes found through unofficial channels, such as forums or third-party websites, as these can be unreliable or insecure.

Additional Tips

  • Keep Your Software Updated: Always ensure that your app is updated to the latest version. This not only enhances security but also ensures compatibility with the keys provided.
  • Security: Always keep your personal and app access codes confidential to avoid unauthorized access to your data.

Following these steps should help you securely verify any code or key for your app. If you run into any issues or if the key doesn’t work, it’s best to follow up with your employer or the app’s support team for further guidance.

If you have any more questions about this app or anything else, feel free to ask!