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Explore the luxurious world of PHYLRICH and discover their exquisite collection of bathroom luxurious faucets, shower heads, replacement parts, and more—all proudly crafted in the USA.

This article explores the world of Phylrich, focusing on their top-notch bathroom faucets, shower heads, Meaning of phylrich kl10x2, phylrich kcc40x2 ,phylrich kcc10x2, phylrich kl40, phylrich kc75, phylrich 5031and more, all proudly made in the USA.

Meet PHYLRICH: Luxurious Bathroom Faucets & Fixtures

Phylrich, crafting luxury bathrooms for six decades. They are proudly made in the USA, from design to finish, creating jobs and top-notch quality. Their signature collections reflect elegance and simplicity. They are all about American Made Craftsmanship. Stay tuned for new luxurious products in 2023.

What does faucet mean?

A faucet is a thing that helps you get water (or other liquids) from a pipe. It’s like a switch that you can turn on or off to control how much water comes out.

When you’re picking a faucet for your bathroom sink, shower, or bathtub, you want something that works well and looks nice.

Interesting Facts About Faucets

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s explore some intriguing facts about faucets:

  • The word “faucet” is derived from the Latin word “faucēs,” meaning “throat” or “narrow passage.”
  • The earliest faucets date back to ancient civilizations, with evidence of plumbing systems and rudimentary faucets found in archaeological sites.
  • The development of modern faucets, with features like hot and cold water controls, can be attributed to Alexander Cummings, who patented the “Faucet and Ventil” in 1790.
  • WaterSense-labeled faucets are designed to conserve water by using at least 20% less water than traditional models, contributing to water and energy savings.

Luxurious Faucet Table of Facts

To provide a quick reference, here’s a table summarizing some important faucet facts:

Fact Description
Invention of the modern faucet Alexander Cummings patented the “Faucet and Ventil” in 1790, revolutionizing water control.
Water conservation WaterSense-labeled faucets save at least 20% more water than traditional models.
Faucet styles Faucets come in various styles, from modern to vintage, catering to different design preferences.
Hygienic touchless faucets Touchless faucets with motion sensors enhance hygiene and reduce the spread of germs.
Faucet finishes Choose from various finishes like chrome, oil-rubbed bronze, or matte black to match your decor.


In your bathroom, you can find different kinds of faucets and shower equipment:

  • Bathroom Faucet: This is the thing you use to control the water in your sink. There are two main types:
    • Widespread Bathroom Sink Faucets: These have separate handles for hot and cold water.
    • Single Hole Faucets: These have just one handle to control the water.
  • Shower Head: This is what sprays water on you when you’re taking a shower.
  • Shower Heads: Sometimes, you have options for different types of shower heads to make your shower more comfortable or enjoyable.

To match the items in the image with their unique codes, you’ll need to look at the picture and find each item, then match it to the corresponding code based on what you see. Here’s a breakdown of the items and their unique codes:

  • Phylrich KL10X2
  • Phylrich KCC40X2
  • Phylrich KCC10X2
  • Phylrich KL40
  • Phylrich KC75
  • Phylrich Faucets
  • Phylrich 5031

You need to compare the image with this list and assign each item to its corresponding code based on what you see in the picture.

3 Ways to Determine a Luxurious Faucet Brand

Faucets are an essential part of any home, serving as the gateway to your water supply. Whether you’re looking to identify a faucet brand for maintenance and repairs or to learn more about your product, we’ve got you covered. This comprehensive guide will explore three effective methods for identifying faucet brands. From checking for logos and brand names to utilizing online resources, we’ll help you uncover the brand behind your faucet.

So, if you wonder, “How can I determine the brand of my faucet?” keep reading to discover the answers.

Look for a Logo or Brand Name

One of the simplest and most direct ways to identify a faucet brand is to inspect the faucet itself. Many faucet brands prominently display their logos or brand names on the product’s surface. Here’s how to go about it:

Examine the Visible Parts

Start by closely examining the visible parts of your faucet. Look at the handles, the spout, and other components that might carry branding. Manufacturers often engrave, print, or emboss their logos or brand names in these areas.

Search for Branding Clues

Look for any clues that could lead you to the brand. Logos can take various forms, from simple icons to stylized text. Additionally, some brands use distinctive colors or fonts that set them apart.

Common Faucet Brand Logos

  • Delta Faucet
  • Moen
  • Kohler
  • Pfister
  • Grohe
  • American Standard
  • Hansgrohe
  • TOTO
  • Kingston Brass

Identifying by Shape and Size

If you can’t find a logo or brand name, try identifying the faucet by shape and size. Take measurements and note any unique features or characteristics. Then, perform a Google Search using descriptive terms related to these attributes and include the word “faucet brands.” This can often lead you to brand-specific product lines or models that match your faucet’s appearance.

Check the Documentation

Faucet manufacturers usually provide documentation with their products. This documentation can be a valuable source of information, helping you determine the brand of your faucet. Follow these steps:

Locate Owner’s Manual

Check if you have the owner’s manual or any paperwork with the faucet. The manual often contains details about the manufacturer, model number, and contact information. Look for any mention of the brand name or logo within these documents.

Search Online with the Model Number

If you have the model number but no brand information, you can use it to conduct a more focused Google Search. Include descriptive terms such as “faucet” and “model number” to narrow down the results. This may lead you to the manufacturer’s official website or product listings.

Utilize Online Resources

When all else fails, turn to the vast resources available online. The internet can be a treasure trove of information for identifying faucet brands, especially if you can provide clear images of the faucet. Here’s how to leverage online tools and communities:

Image-Based Identification

Capture clear photographs of the faucet from different angles, highlighting any distinctive features. Then, visit websites or forums dedicated to faucet identification. Upload your images and ask for assistance from experts and enthusiasts who frequent these platforms. They may recognize the brand based on visual cues.

Google Search

Perform a Google Search using the descriptive terms of your faucet, such as its color, design, and any unique elements. Combine these terms with “faucet brands.” You might stumble upon product listings or discussions that lead you to the brand name.

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