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Wrestling enthusiasts, have you ever craved a space where discussions are as passionate as a WrestleMania main event? Welcome to r/SquaredCircle, Reddit’s ultimate professional wrestling forum. With 891K members and thousands online at any time, you’re stepping into the ring with hardcore fans and casual observers alike. But remember, every ring has its rules. Let’s lace up and dive in.

Key Takeaways:

  • r/SquaredCircle is Reddit’s largest wrestling community with 891K members.
  • The forum promotes a civil and inclusive environment, adhering to strict rules against hate speech, trolling, and off-topic posts.
  • Participation in discussions requires following a detailed set of rules to ensure quality and relevance.

The Spirit of r/SquaredCircle

Reddit’s r/SquaredCircle stands as a titan among wrestling communities, not just for its size but for the quality of discourse it fosters. Here, every voice counts, from the newly initiated to the wrestling aficionado. The community thrives on a blend of news, discussions, and fan theories, all while ensuring respect and inclusivity through its 15 golden rules.

The 15 Commandments of r/SquaredCircle: Navigating Reddit’s Largest Wrestling Community

r/SquaredCircle, Reddit’s crown jewel for professional wrestling enthusiasts, is not just a community; it’s a thriving digital arena. With 891K members and counting, it stands as a testament to the passion and dedication of wrestling fans worldwide. However, to maintain order and ensure a constructive environment, the community adheres to a set of 15 golden rules. Understanding these rules is crucial for both newcomers and seasoned members to navigate the forum successfully.

1. Be Civil

Civility is the cornerstone of r/SquaredCircle. Respectful discourse, even in disagreement, fosters a healthy environment for all members.

2. No Hate Speech

The community has zero tolerance for hate speech. This includes, but is not limited to, derogatory comments about race, gender, sexuality, or religion.

3. No Trolling

Trolling undermines meaningful conversation and is strictly prohibited. This includes baiting others into arguments or posting inflammatory content.

4. Stay on Topic

All discussions must be related to wrestling. Off-topic posts dilute the forum’s purpose and will be removed.

5. No Sexualized Content or Sexualization of Wrestlers

Respect for wrestlers as athletes and performers is paramount. Content that objectifies or demeans will not be tolerated.

6. No Memes, Low Effort Images, or Screenshots

To maintain quality discourse, the community discourages the posting of memes, low-effort images, and screenshots that contribute little to meaningful discussion.

7. No Low Effort Text Posts

Text posts should provoke thought and contribute significantly to the community. Simple questions or statements that prompt minimal discussion are discouraged.


Reposting content that has been previously shared detracts from the forum’s freshness and variety. Members are encouraged to check for duplicates before posting.

9. Must Be Related to Wrestling

Every post and discussion must tie back to professional wrestling, ensuring the forum remains focused and relevant to its members’ interests.

10. No Spoilers for 24 Hours After an Event

To respect all fans’ viewing schedules, spoilers for wrestling events are not allowed in titles or without proper spoiler tags within 24 hours of the event.

11. No Clickbait, Vague, or Editorialized Titles

Titles must be clear, direct, and reflective of the post’s content to ensure transparency and trustworthiness among members.

12. Social Media Titles Must Be Verbatim

When sharing content from social media, titles must match exactly to avoid misinterpretation or misinformation.

13. Links Must Be to the Primary Source

For news and announcements, links should direct to the original source, ensuring the information is accurate and credited appropriately.

14. No Piracy

The community does not condone piracy. Discussions or links related to pirated content are strictly prohibited.

15. No Posts From or Citing Banned Sources

To maintain credibility and integrity, the community has a list of banned sources that are not permitted due to past inaccuracies or unethical practices.

These rules are the pillars that uphold the spirit of r/SquaredCircle, ensuring it remains a respectful, engaging, and informative space for wrestling fans. Adhering to them not only enriches your experience but also contributes to the vibrant tapestry of the community. Whether you’re here to debate the greatest wrestler of all time, dissect the nuances of a promo, or share an obscure wrestling fact, remember: respect the ring, respect the rules, and respect each other. Welcome to r/SquaredCircle!

11 WWE Best WrestleMania Shows

Here’s a curated list that spans various eras, highlighting the events that left an indelible mark on the wrestling world.

WrestleManiaYearHighlight MatchReason It’s Remembered
III1987Hulk Hogan vs. Andre the GiantHogan’s body slam of Andre; set a then-world record for attendance.
X-Seven2001Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. The RockMarked the peak of the Attitude Era; Austin’s heel turn.
XIX2003Kurt Angle vs. Brock LesnarHigh-caliber matches; Lesnar’s botched shooting star press.
XX2004Chris Benoit vs. Triple H vs. Shawn MichaelsBenoit’s emotional win and celebration with Eddie Guerrero.
212005Batista vs. Triple HFeatured the first Money in the Bank ladder match; rise of Cena and Batista.
XXIV2008Ric Flair vs. Shawn MichaelsFlair’s retirement match; Michaels’ “I’m sorry, I love you” moment.
302014Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton vs. BatistaThe “Yes Movement” culmination; Undertaker’s streak broken by Lesnar.
312015Brock Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns (Seth Rollins cash-in)Rollins’ “heist of the century” Money in the Bank cash-in.
XIII1997Bret Hart vs. Stone Cold Steve AustinAustin’s legendary submission match and double turn.
VI1990Hulk Hogan vs. The Ultimate WarriorTitle-for-title match; torch passing from Hogan to Warrior.
X1994Razor Ramon vs. Shawn MichaelsFirst-ever WrestleMania ladder match; influenced countless future matches.

Each entry in this table reflects a WrestleMania event that contributed significantly to the legacy and lore of professional wrestling, showcasing moments that have transcended the sport itself.


r/SquaredCircle is not just a forum; it’s a fellowship of wrestling enthusiasts bound by a love for the sport and its stories. It’s a place where legends live on, and new ones are born in every post and comment. Whether you’re here to share or to learn, you’re in the right arena.

Want more than just a ringside seat? Dive into the heart of wrestling discussions on r/SquaredCircle and join a community as vibrant and dynamic as wrestling itself. Whether you’re looking to discuss the latest PPV or explore wrestling history, this is where you belong.