Phylrich KCC40X2

Phylrich KCC40X2: Luxury Redefined in Bathroom Decor

In the luxurious world of bathroom fixtures, the Phylrich KCC40X2 series emerges as a beacon of elegance and superior craftsmanship. This collection, renowned for its sophisticated design and unparalleled quality, has become a symbol of luxury in modern bathrooms. Each piece in the series, from the sleek Matte Black item to the opulent Frosted Crystal Post variants, is a testament to Phylrich’s commitment to excellence. 

In this comprehensive review, we journey through various top-rated websites to uncover the allure of the Phylrich KCC40X2, offering insights and guidance for those who seek to elevate their bathroom spaces with a touch of grandeur.

Deluxe Vanity & Kitchen’s Matte Black Elegance

The Matte Black variant of the Phylrich KCC40X2 at Deluxe Vanity & Kitchen is not just a fixture; it’s a statement piece. Its matte finish is both contemporary and timeless, appealing to a wide range of design sensibilities. 

Customers rave about its ability to stand out without overpowering the bathroom’s decor. 

One customer mentioned, “It’s the centerpiece of my bathroom renovation, and everyone who sees it is impressed.” 

Experts in bathroom design commend its sleek lines and modern finish, noting its resistance to fingerprints and water spots, which is a significant plus in busy bathrooms.

The Diverse Palette of Kitchen & Bath Authority

Kitchen & Bath Authority’s range of Phylrich KCC40X2, especially the Frosted Crystal Post variants, showcases the brand’s versatility. The Polished Gold is a favorite for those seeking a luxurious, classic look. 

A customer review highlighted, “The polished gold finish adds a royal touch that makes my bathroom feel like a luxury hotel.” The Burnished Gold, with its subtler hue, is perfect for contemporary spaces. 

An interior designer commented, “It’s remarkable how the burnished gold fits seamlessly into modern designs, offering warmth and sophistication.”

W.T. Weaver & Sons’ Classic Touch

At W.T. Weaver & Sons, the Polished Gold and Pewter items from the Phylrich KCC40X2 series are celebrated for their blend of tradition and modernity. The Polished Gold variant is often chosen for its rich, lustrous finish that adds an air of opulence. 

A customer shared, “The polished gold finish brings an elegant, timeless feel to my master bath.” The Pewter option is lauded for its versatility. 

An expert in bathroom fixtures said, “Pewter is unique, offering a soft, muted elegance that works well with a variety of color palettes.”

Bay State Plumbing & Heating Supply’s Weathered Copper Variant

The Weathered Copper model from Bay State Plumbing & Heating Supply is a testament to Phylrich’s craftsmanship. This finish offers a beautiful patina that evolves over time, giving a living quality to the fixture. 

A customer review stated, “The weathered copper has a beautiful, organic look that complements my natural stone tiles perfectly.” 

Design experts often recommend this variant for its ability to add character and depth to a bathroom’s aesthetic.

New Century Kitchen & Bath’s American Craftsmanship

New Century Kitchen & Bath emphasizes the American craftsmanship of the Phylrich KCC40X2. This aspect resonates well with customers who value locally made products. 

A customer expressed, “Knowing that these fixtures are made in the USA gives me confidence in their quality and durability.” 

Experts in the field often highlight the meticulous attention to detail and the high-quality materials used in these fixtures, underscoring the brand’s commitment to excellence.

FAQs about Phylrich KCC40X2 Series

What makes the Phylrich KCC40X2 series stand out in luxury bathroom fixtures?

The Phylrich KCC40X2 series is renowned for its exceptional craftsmanship, elegant design, and premium materials. Each variant, from Matte Black to Weathered Copper, offers unique aesthetic appeal, making it a popular choice for luxury bathroom renovations and new constructions.

Are there different finishes available in the Phylrich KCC40X2 series?

Yes, the Phylrich KCC40X2 series comes in various finishes, including Matte Black, Polished Gold, Burnished Gold, Pewter, and Weathered Copper. Each finish provides a distinct look, catering to diverse design preferences and bathroom themes.

How does the quality of Phylrich KCC40X2 compare to other luxury brands?

Phylrich is known for its high-quality standards and attention to detail, often compared favorably with other luxury brands. The KCC40X2 series, in particular, is praised for its durability, functionality, and timeless design, making it a worthwhile investment for those seeking luxury and longevity in bathroom fixtures.

Can I customize the Phylrich KCC40X2 fixtures for my specific bathroom design?

While the Phylrich KCC40X2 series offers a range of finishes, customization options may vary. It’s recommended to consult with retailers or directly with Phylrich for specific customization requests to ensure that the fixtures align perfectly with your bathroom design and personal preferences.


The Phylrich KCC40X2 series is more than just a collection of bathroom fixtures; it’s a blend of artistry, innovation, and quality. Each variant offers something unique, catering to a wide range of tastes and design preferences. 

As our comprehensive review across various top-rated websites shows, whether you’re undertaking a new project or renovating an existing space, the Phylrich KCC40X2 series stands ready to elevate your bathroom to a realm of luxury and elegance.